Through my years of experience and innovative thinking I am able to forge art + industry. The intersection of creative thought and mindful execution is of paramount importance to be able to build a successful business.

As a creator, I want to bring forth my ideas in collaboration with other industries and professionals (see Art); as an expert, I want to be able to guide artists and thinkers to realize their concepts in stone (see Industry).

I am a self-taught artist; I never want to be known as a struggling artist but one that is able to see her vision come to life.

I am drawn to natural stone. This primarily blossomed at the age of 14 when I began traveling with my father, a stone merchant, to rock formations and quarries. These early experiences formed the cornerstone of my understanding of materiality and craftsmanship, eventually pushing me to establish

Odyssey in 2007, a design studio focused on creating installations and custom fabrications.

Borrowed Earth in 2023, a practice initiating conversations, collaboration and creations in stone.

Inspired and Inspiring
        Calm, yet unafraid to be different
            Understated, yet not without meaning 
                Abstraction, extraction