Iconic structure - which is completely authentic and original.

Kalpavrisksha is a proposed iconic structure for the national capital of India

It will serve as a center for art and culture in New Delhi, besides being a space to showcase the architectural, cultural and technological prowess of the country. . The design would be a unique and innovative addition to the urban landscape and a landmark attraction for tourists, drawing visitors from all over the world to experience the beauty and significance of the Banyan tree and its cultural heritage.

The banyan trees’ ability to appear the same when viewed from different perspectives is a symbol of interconnectedness of all things.

The “Kalpavrikhsa” will be striking tribute to the rich cultural and historical significance of this iconic tree in Indian culture.

The design features an intricate network of branching colu

mns and canopy-like roof structures that mimic the sprawling and majestic nature of a Banyan tree.

We are a varied bunch with diverse culture, traditions, languages, and the “Kalpavriksha” will be a symbol of inclusion and unity. Some of the individual branches will be equipped with state of the art technology, to provide for an immersive experience for anyone experiencing the Kalpavriksha.  

It will be the first time art and technology will be intrinsically integrated with the architecture and narrative of the building - not as an afterthought.