Something Like Time

What inspires your art? Has the inspiration been constant or changed over the years?

To see takes time. What inspired me years back, continues to inspire me today, albeit in a completely different way. When we are younger we are so overwhelmed by the breadth of the universe that we hardly realize that there is a whole different universe of depth to explore.        

In search of (practical) wonder

What excites you about your work?

I was raised to be a business woman, but I realized pretty early on that if I didn’t build something that allowed me to create and delight myself, I wouldn’t last long.

Yoking together the experience of “adbhuta” (wonder) and “ananda”(bliss)

The entire process of creating is what drives me. It could be a new vertical/ a collaboration / an art installation or a simple surface texture. To re-imaging/build something which didn’t exist previously.


Range of Scale

What do you bring to the table?

If I can describe my forte, it’s scale — and we’re not talking merely weighty volumetric sizes but also creating singular sculptures that are awe-inspiring, translucent and breathing. Moreover, its realizing the dream through knowledge, execution and finish 


Weighty yet known, familiar

Materials you work with/wish to work with?

Marble/ natural stone is a part of me. I tend to instinctively touch and caress any block or slab of stone and imagine what it could be.

I would like to work more towards immersive spaces possibly where the elements (water, sun, earth) interact with the art installation.

Immersive spaces could also mean collaborations with sound, light and other visual artists.



An Assembly Line

What are the various hands that make a piece of your work?

    Industrial Designers
        3D Texture Modelers
            3D Visualisers
                    Stone Experts
                       CNC Programmers
                                Block Markers
                                   Skilled Craftsmen
                                       Hand Carvers
                                           Inlay Craftsmen
                                                CNC Operators